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Vision Aids

Vision Aids

Order your low vision aids online. We can supply a wide range of illuminators and magnifiers to suit your needs. The majority of our low vision products are supplied by Hilco Wilson, experts in Ophthalmic solutions since 1956. As the population ages, there is an increase in the number of people whose eyes annot be corrected adequately with spectacles alone. We can supply a complete range of high quality, high performance low vision aids to improve quality of life.

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Low Vision Aids - UK shipping fees from £2.10

HILCO Multi-Angle Illuminated Magnifier ~ 10/117/0000
£ 12.95
Multi-Angle and stand design. 2x Magnification + 4x small lens. Special Order Item. Please allow an additional 4-5 working days before dispatch.

HILCO Translucent Pocket Magnifier 3 x Magnification. ~ 10/015/0000
£ 3.95
3x magnification.  (3" wide x 1.3/4" length x 5/16" depth)
HILCO LED Illuminated Magnifier ~ 10/119/0000
£ 26.95
89mm lens
3x Magnification + 5x small lens

Acrylic Sheet Fresnel Card Magnifier, 2x 4x Magnification, supplied in a PVC pouch
£ 2.00
(-50.00%) £ 1.00
Square Fresnel Lens with an additional round magnifier. Perfect Pocket Size: 8 x 5cm. Keep this handy little item in your credit card wallet and you will always be able to read the small print!
Hilco Hand Magnifier 2.5" (64mm) ~ 2x / 4x Magnification 10/112/0000
£ 5.50
Quality acrylic lenses with duel magnification viewing option.
Hilco Pocket Magnifier 3x / 6x Magnification. ~ 10/203/0000
£ 4.00
Handy and easy to carry,
Optical quality for easy reading of fine print, stamp and coin collecting, photo retouching,
map reading and as a professional aid for scientists and hobbyists.

Hilco Hand Magnifier 2" (50mm) ~ 2.5x / 5x Magnification 10/111/0000
£ 4.50
Quality acrylic lenses with duel magnification viewing option.
FLASHLIGHTS ILLUMINATED MAGNIFIER ~ 5x Magnification 299-00V9805-00
£ 46.00
Flashlight illuminated magnifier 5x magnification (16.0D)
FLASHLIGHTS ILLUMINATED MAGNIFIER ~ 10x Magnification 299-00V98010-00
£ 35.00
Flashlight illuminated magnifier 10x magnification (36.0D)
Coil Aspheric Stand Magnifier ~ 10x Magnification  107080000
£ 30.00
  • COIL Bi-Aspheric Stand Magnifiers are the best option for reading newspapers, letters or catalogues at a table or flat surface
  • Offers improved stability over hand-held magnifiers
Please allow an additional 4-5 working days before dispatch.
Flex-A-Mag Desk Base Magnifier ~ 299-000204D-00
£ 38.00
4 Diopter Lens, for the Best Field of View and Focal Length.
EZY MAGNIFIER ~ 299-0000875-00
£ 18.00
2x Magnification power + 4x small lens.
Hilco Full Page Fresnel Magnifier ~ 299-0DV1500-00
£ 8.50
8.5" x 11" full page magnifier with 4.5" Focal distance. Very lightweight at only 44g.

Ideal for use on phone books, magazines, maps or the Bible.

Magnification is 4 X with a lens diameter of 16D