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The NEW Hilco Logic® Screw ~ Pack of 4x ~ Available in Gold, Silver & Black

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The NEW Hilco Logic® Screw ~  Pack of 4x ~ Available in Gold, Silver & BlackThink of it as the "smartphone" of the optical screw world!

Introducing the Logic® Screw.
It replaces just about everything.
In 1999 Hilco’s Logic® Nose Pad simplified dispensing forever. Now, it’s the Logic® Screw. We started with an extra long, easy-to-handle locking screw that snaps off cleanly to the exact length, every time. Then, we optimized the design to work equally well as a self-tapping repair screw or self-aligning spring hinge screw.
The result? Just 6 items replace every eyewire and hinge screw in your drawer. That’s an 80%+ reduction in inventory, less cost, and effortless screw selection. That’s Logic.
The Logic Screw and the Logic® Nose Pad that’s one smart, simple parts system. What will we replace next?

* Each Logic® screw does the work of 7
* Replaces standard, spring hinge, and self-tapping screws
* Reduces inventory by 80%+
* Saves time locating the correct part
* Extra long for easy handling
* Sharp taper aligns the most difficult joints & spring hinges
* One length (11.6mm) and one head size (2.0mm)
* Tight bond™ coating for a permanent repair
* DSS2000 stainless steel breaks off cleanly
* Simplifies lens insertion