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Glasses & Spectacle Accessories
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Spectacle Cords

Spectacles cords

Spectacle cords

You will find a wide selection of quality spectacle cords. Our selection includes many different styles, both comfortable and functionable designed for your spectacles. Check out our top selling Gorilla Grips!

Spectacle cords - UK shipping fees from £2.10

Megalock Temple Ends Stop Spectacles from Slipping 1 Pair ~ Fantastic Product!
£ 3.70
1 Pair of Megalock Temple Ends Transparent ~ Stop glass slipping
Great for sports use. 072900
Hilco Slip Knot Spectacle Cord Eyewear Holders ~ Choice of colours
£ 2.60
Hilco Slip Knot Eyewear Spectacle Cords. Lightweight and stylish, available in a range of shades.
Hilco Gorilla Grip Break-Away Eyewear Holders, Cords with Safety Release
£ 3.90
Hilco Gorilla Grip Break-Away Eyewear Holders.  Equipped with a safety release that separates for added protection! . 
Hilco Gorilla Grips ~ Spectacle Frame / Eyewear Holders
£ 3.25
Gorilla Grips Eyewear Holders grips with Gorilla Force!
Real Leather Spectacle Cord ~ Light Green
£ 3.80
(-22.37%) £ 2.95
100% genuine leather Spectacle Cord.
Real Leather Spectacle Cord ~ Dark Tan
£ 3.80
(-22.37%) £ 2.95
Spectacle Cords in 100% genuine leather
Real Leather Spectacle Cord ~ Purple
£ 3.80
All cords are 100% genuine leather