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Optical Tools

Optical Tools

Order your specialist optical tools online from the experts!  We understand as experienced technicians ourselves about the importance of good quality tools in the workshop. We offer a growing range of both consumer and professional laboratory, grade optical tools. Technician tested and approved, used in our own work shop. Whether you are carrying out as simple screw replacement or a major repair to your spectacle frames, you can be sure you have a quality tool for the job at hand. If you are an Industry professional, you understand the importance of quality tools. The majority of our optical tools are tools for life.

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Lab Grade Optical Tools - UK shipping fees from £2.10

Hilco Lab Screwdriver Kit~ Pro Range #20/200/0000
£ 39.50
Professional Laboratory Workshop Tool. Includes screwdriver handle,  Please allow an additional 4-5 working days before dispatch.
Flat 1mm ~ Phillips 1.6mm
Flat 1.7mm ~ Phillips 2.5mm
Double Headed Phillips 1.6mm ~ 2mm
Hilco Screw Finishing Tool #20/318/0000~ Pro Range
£ 25.00
Rounds ends of cut lens screws, safely.
Hilco ErgoPro 3-Piece Rimless Compression Pliers #214570000~ Pro Range
£ 60.00
Hilco ErgoPro 3-Piece Rimless Compression Pliers 
Hilco ErgoPro Slim Pad Arm Adjusting Pliers #214370000~ Pro Range
£ 60.00
Hilco ErgoPro Slim Pad Arm Adjusting Pliers.  Unique tapered jaw design fits in the tightest areas without risk of scratching lenses or frames. Long, thin handle for controlled pad arm adjustments. Please allow 4-5 additional working days before dispatch.