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Glasses & Spectacle Accessories
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Miscellaneous Tools

HILCO Double Ended PIN Vice ~ (0.0 - 2.6mm / .000 - .110) #20/436/0000
£ 18.95
Fits: Metric: .00-2.6mm, US Standard: .000-.110.  Please allow an additional 4-5 working days before dispatch of this item.
B&S Aluminium Stand "Third Hand" ~ 172300
£ 50.00
Stable Stand with 3 exchangeable blades for securing screws or nuts. Please allow 5-7 additional days before dispatch. 
Hilco Optical Screw Extractor, Complete Kit. 1004238
£ 25.00
The Hilco Screw Extractor tools feature a choice of three interchangeable blades. Tiny, strong teeth grip the damaged screw allowing you to back it out. The handle features a swiveling ergonomic palm handle with "no-roll" design and a knurled shafted for no-slip grip.

Please allow an additional 3-5 working days before dispatch.

Cyrex Invisible Lens Washer ~ For Packing Loose Spectacle Lenses
£ 3.00
One piece of 700mm (approx) Coil. CYREX Washers are invaluable for metal frames which contain lenses edges a trifle too small.
Hilco Screw Finishing Tool #20/318/0000~ Pro Range
£ 25.00
Rounds ends of cut lens screws, safely.