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Glasses Cleaning Kits

HILCO / Leader Lens Care To Go! Kits ~ Lens Cleaner and Cloth 44/880/9999
£ 4.90
Includes a microfibre cloth and refillable spray on a carabiner clip. Perfect for lens cleaning on the go!

Colours may vary
Hilco Leader Sun Care Kit. Lens Cleaning Kit  For Sunglasses ~ 34/841/0999
£ 6.50
The Complete Cleaning and Care Kit, Especially made for Sunglasses. Towelettes, Cleaning Spray and Cloth.
Hilco Christmas Snowflake Lens Cleaning Kit. Cloth and Cleaning Spray
£ 6.00
30ml Lens Cleaning Spray in a Snowflake Design with a Blue Cleaning Cloth in a perspex case in a white snowflake design.
Hilco Fog Buster ~ Anti-Fog Lens Treatment System
£ 6.50
2.5 oz (74ml) spray bottle. Prevents fogging for hours or days,
HILCO SPRING Lens Cleaning Kits ~ Alcohol-Free Formula 44/834/****
£ 4.50
 Save when you buy this kit over separate items!
CentroStyle Christmas Antibacterial  Optical Spay Cleaner & Cloth  ~ 60ml
£ 6.00
(-33.33%) £ 4.00
Available in three charming colours, Red, Blue & Winter White, depicting festive Christmas tree design.
HILCO WINTER CLEANING KIT ~ Black Bottle / Tan Vines Cloth 44/835/2999
£ 4.50
20ml Pocket size lens cleaning spray & Hilco micro fibre lens cloth.
HILCO LEADER Ergo Lens Cleaner Cleaning Kit ~ CLEAR
£ 8.50
Reflection Free Coating Formula effectively cleans all lens types without streaking.
Available in a range of Jazzy colours! Better value!