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Diving Masks

Diving Masks

Order your prescription diving masks online from the experts!  We understand as experienced divers ourselves about the importance of clear vision whilst diving. We currently offer the small selection below, however this area of our website will be expanding. Whether you are exploring a tropical reel or deep diving a shipwreck, clear vision is paramount especially if you need a prescription to read your gauges and instruments. All diving masks use safety glass to protect your eyes whilst exporing the deep.

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Scuba Diving masks - UK shipping fees from £2.10

HILCO ~ Adult Corrective Diving Mask ~ Blue 33/550/0000
£ 119.95
HILCO Adult corrective diving mask ~ Powers: -1.00 to -7.00D
-0.50D increments
HILCO ~ Adult Corrective Diving Mask ~ Red 33/550/1000
£ 119.95
HILCO  Adult corrective diving mask ~ Powers: -1.00 to -7.00D
-0.50D increments