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Myth Buster

Here are some of the ‘old wives tales' and misunderstandings we hear about vision, eyes & spectacles.

Will wearing spectacles make my eyes weaker?

No. Your sight is defective and spectacles will correct it.

TV makes your eyes bad!

Sorry mums and dads this one isn't true either.

Wearing glasses has damaged my eyes.

Wrong! They correct your sight and help you see. Your vision seems worse without your glasses because you have got used to how clearly you can see with your specs.

The wrong prescription has made my eyes weaker.

No. Incorrect specs may give you a headache but they will not cause lasting damage.

Are sunglasses bad for your eyes?

No. But make sure that they provide full Ultra Violet (UV400) protection because UV will damage your eyes and sunglasses without a UV filter are not safe. Glasses4Less supply UV400 treatment FREE OF CHARGE with all tints. For your protection we will never supply a tint without UV400. Be especially careful with children's toy or novelty sunglasses as they may not offer your child the protection required.

If you wear glasses your eyes are weak.

No. You just need help focusing the optical system

You can strengthen your eyes by not wearing glasses.

Nothing you ever do will ever strengthen your eyes. The only way to correct your vision is surgery, contact lenses or glasses.

Wearing glasses makes your eyes get worse.

Not true. The first time you go out in your first pair of spectacles is something you never forget. If you don't correct your vision you are missing out on life and risking your safety and the safety of people around you. You simply get used to seeing the world clearly and your eyes are relaxed, not straining to focus. This is why when you remove your new spectacles you feel that you can't see as well as you used to prior to wearing specs. What it is really showing you is just how bad your sight really was!

I lost a contact lens behind my eye.

Impossible. Nothing can get to the back of the eye socket.

With eye surgery they take your eye out and hang it on your cheek.

If your eye ever comes out you are never going to be able to see through it again! The eye can not be removed and refitted. There is no ‘slack' in the optic nerve. Once it is severed it can not be repaired.

Lazer eye surgery corrects your vision and you never need glasses again

Not true. Your vision can keep changing and there is no guarantee it is going to remain the same. When you reach middle age you will still suffer from presbyopia may still require reading glasses.

Too much light damages your sight.

Reading or doing close work in plenty of light, preferably natural daylight is a good thing and can help you see more clearly. Staring at very bright light such as the arc of a welder or directly at the sun can permanently damage your eyes.

Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.

This is a half truth. Carrots – do contain Beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the liver, which does help to maintain healthy vision, but carrots do not contain enough Beta-carotene to make any significant difference. Many other vegetables are also high in vitamin A but eating more than the recommended daily allowance won't improve vision.

This tale may have started during World War II, when British intelligence spread a rumor that their pilots had remarkable night vision because they ate lots of carrots. They didn't want the Germans to know they were using radar. Also the night fighter ace John Cunningham (21 kills) who was an early proponent of airborne radar in his Bristol Beaufighter was nicknamed "Cat's Eyes" and alluded to have exceptional night vision because of his carrot eating.

If you cross your eyes, they'll stay that way.

This is completely false. Crossing your eyes can not cause strabismus , a disorder in which the eyes are misaligned, giving the appearance that they're looking in different directions

If you're right eye starts twitching there will soon be a birth in the family. If your left eye starts twitching there will soon be a death.

Please tell me that you don't actually believe this one!

To cure a stye, rub it three times with a gold wedding ring.

A stye occurs when the oil glands around the eyelid get infected and inflamed. I think everybody in the world must have tried this at sometime. This remedy for curing a stye comes from so many reputable sources that it may have some credibility.

Or you could try standing at a crossroads and saying, “Stye, stye, leave my eye. Take the next one coming by”

If this fails you could try some natural remedies such as a cold teabag, or a poultice of parsley or acacia tea and drinking dandelion tea to rid the body of bacteria.

Watching television too much/up close will give you square eyes

This rumor is of course false, likely told to keep children from sitting too close to a television set or watching too much. Watching television for extended periods, and/or too closely, may cause fatigue, but it won't change the natural shape of the eye.