December 17, 2014

Last Posting Date For Christmas 2014

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Just a reminder that the final posting date for 2nd Class post will be Thursday 18th December at 12:30. Overnight orders will be downloaded in the morning and packed  and dispatched in time/date order. We will continued processing orders leading up to Christmas Eve and do our absolute best to clear all back orders by close of business, however we can make no guarantee’s regarding delivery dates.  Limited Order processing will resume 29th – 31st December, however, please be aware that orders placed during this time may not be received until the second week of January.

Normal service will resume on the 5th January 2015

Thank you for your business.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



October 25, 2013

New User Registration, Posts & Admin Approval

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Due to the amount of Spam and bogus registrations received (1000’s!) you can no longer register and post on this blog without Admin approval. The site was literally taken over by dubious spammers trying to sell everything from Viagra to weight lose pills and everything in between!

We will only approve genuine customers comments and only accept genuine email addresses for registration. All spam posts will be deleted and any attempt to spam will have members removed from the data base.

If you wish to register as a member please email your request using the contact page on the website.

We appologise to all those genuine members deleted, but hopefully this new approach will make for a much safer and enjoyable online blog experience.




November 11, 2011

Transitions Optics, leader in Photochromics, launches Transitions XTRActive! ~ Turn up the dark!!

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XTRActive is the solution to a gap in the market that requires everyday lenses that react to both UV and visible light. They are the darkest everyday lenses (90% tint at 23°C) and they even react behind the windscreen (up to 50% at 27°C), which is great news as the biggest complaint Glasses4Less gets about Transitions lenses is that they don’t react enough in the car.

Happier motoring. New Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are our first everyday lenses that darken behind the windscreen of a car. By adjusting to both UV and visible light, Transitions XTRActive lenses activate to a comfortable level of tint for driving. Your will appreciate the versatility compared to an ordinary clear lens.

The newest addition to the line of Transitions everyday lenses, available in a range of materials and indices, gives you even more choice of suitable lens options.

Note: Darkening of Transitions XTRActive lenses behind a windscreen of a car is influenced by several factors including shape and inclination of the windscreen, windscreen transmission, driver position, lateral windows.

December 14, 2010

Survey reveals high risk of accidents due to winter glare

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Recommending the correct eyewear to provide comfort and protection from UV is all too often forgotten once the summer months are out of the way. It is, however, vital that Opticians remind patients that UV damage and the discomfort, and indeed danger, of glare are not just summer problems but issues that occur throughout the year.

Research commissioned by Transitions Optical has revealed a range of incidents that have resulted directly from winter glare with more than a quarter of those asked saying they had suffered injury or an accident because of it.

  • Almost a third (31%) have had a ‘very near miss’ with busy road traffic
  • More than one in five (22%) have walked into a stationary object causing injury
  • More than one in ten (11%) have missed obstacles on the floor
  • Nearly two thirds (65%) have ignored someone because they couldn’t see them

Transitions lenses are designed to offer the defence eyes need in all seasons, in the winter protecting against glare from wet surfaces, ice and snow. Protecting against UV damage is even more essential for those who spend a significant amount of time outdoors such as children, sports enthusiasts and those with outdoor occupations.

Reminding patients of the importance of protecting their vision throughout the year is of vital importance. Glasses4Less is proud to recommend and use Transitions lenses.

Research conducted October 2010 with 100 people via Survey Monkey on behalf of Transitions Optical

October 30, 2010

Looking for something different? New products & Christmas gift ideas at

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It can’t be denied…The Christmas rush will soon be upon us and the same questions and problems confront us year in and year out! “What can I buy that’s different, unusual and won’t break the bank?”  For the festive season Glasses4Less has added  new ranges to our Spectacle Chains and Spectacle Danglers as well as some limited edition items to our Spectacle Cases section. We have tried to select more unusal designer designs rather than the limited, cheap, boring, dusty offerings often encountered on the high street, where the spectacle case or cord seems to be a purely functional item. The great thing about our Hilco range of Spectacle Chains is that they can be un-clipped from the rubbers that fit on the spectacle sides and clipped together to make a pretty necklace which the ladies here in the office just love!



September 3, 2010


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Hilco Fog Buster lens cleaner is now available from Glasses4Less. Optimised for use with ophthalmic lenses, ski goggles, scuba masks and motor bike helmets & shields etc.
Outperfoms all other anti-fogs! Ideal for Industrial Safety and other lenses.
Prevents fogging for hours or days, depending on application. Goes on clear and stays clear.
2.5 oz (74ml) spray bottle complete with micro-fibre cloth.

Not recommended for anti-reflective coated lenses.

May 17, 2010

Special Offer on Bushnell Night Vision at

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Night_Watch264051_SMLJust added to the Special Offers section, Bushnell Night Watch. Last one in stock, so grab a bargain! Save over £100 on the recommended retail price!  Generation 1, 4x times magnification, Rubber-Armoured Grip Built in Infra-Red Illuminator Built in Tripod Mount.

March 25, 2010

New Product Line in Frame Spares & Repairs! Replacement Plastic Temple Tips

Building on the success of our introduction  of a Frame Spares & Repairs section in the later part of 2009, Glasses4Less has now added replacement Plastic Temple Tips to the section by popular demand. The main difficulty with selling frame part such as Nose Pads, Screws, Nuts & Bolts and Temp Tips is the enormous range of colours and sizes available.

We wanted to sell as broard a range as possible without making choices complicated for our customers whilst shopping on the Glasses4Less website. Once again we turned to Hilco Europe for our optical solutions. The Plastic Temple Tips are available in three of the most popular core sizes, 1.6mm, 1.4mm & 1.1mm for ultra thin sides, often found on titanium rimless frames.

Keeping things simple we have also opted for the most popular colours, Black, Brown, Clear & Tortoise. We believe we now have the makings of a comprehensive collection of frame parts available for the consumer to buy on-line and don’t forget to visit our Downloadable Forms & Documents section for simple instructions on carrying out simple spectacle repairs using your newly purchased spare parts.



January 22, 2010

Tired of your glasses slipping ~ Megalock Temple Ends ~ Fantastic New Product!

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**NEW** This is simply a fantasic product!


Top Tip No. 4 ~ Are you tired of your glasses slipping off your nose? Do you dislike spectacle sport cords?
Then these are just what you need. Ideal for active sports. Very soft, comfortable and secure.

Megalock Temple Ends, they are made of soft Silicone and simply slipped over the sides for a firm hold.

Available in our Spectacle Frames Spares & Repairs section

December 24, 2009

Well, here it is…Merry Christmas from

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The last day of posting has now well past, even for Royal Mail Special Delivery but one or two people are still ordering. I’m sorry to say that you haven’t a hope in hell of getting it delivered for tomorrow no matter how much you pay! Thank you to all our customers for supporting us over the last year, have a great Christmas and we hope you will visit in the New Year for our January sales. Keep an eye on our Special Offers page for some great bargins.

Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas


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